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We have a large established client base, comprising city professionals, entrepreneurs and retirees. These are people we have maintained strong relationships with during our years in the industry. This helps us find the best financial solutions for our clients’ personal needs. But don’t take our word for it – read our client stories.

We believe that strong client-adviser relationships are the core to our success. Here are all the client stories we have from a varied range of industries:

“Solid and dependable financial advice”

I originally approached Will Pennie because I was looking for advice on pension management. Having received very good guidance and support on my pension planning, I also used Will for a more holistic approach to the management of my finances.

Will helped me by giving me clear and concise information about my options at the appropriate technical level. He also made me aware of financial products I was not familiar with, but without any undue sales pressure.

I appreciate the face to face interaction Will is always willing to accommodate, made easier by the location of Amicus office in the heart of the City.

He is always quick to respond to queries or to arrange meetings when requested and is also flexible and accommodating of my very busy schedule.

I really like that Will takes care of all the background research and setup work and minimises my involvement. The result is that I now have a significantly improved plan and in general a more sound approach to my finances.

I have already recommended Will to colleagues, the sort of person that would benefit most from using Will is the busy senior manager/executive that cannot dedicate the time required to self-manage their finances and is looking for solid and dependable financial advice.

George Koutsoudis
Head of ALM and Interest Rate Risk at Tesco Bank

“The process approach was client first”

I believe that most professionals would benefit from this competent and trustworthy adviser I needed advice around investments. I have very little time to look at my own options when it comes to personal finance so someone to help me be more pro-active was really important. I hadn’t used an adviser before, so I didn’t know what to expect. You hear and read things so (it) was difficult to understand the process in meeting an adviser and getting things in place.

When you’re busy, it’s hard to keep on top of constantly changing products and legislation, so you don’t know what is relevant to your situation. Chris was knowledgeable, reassuring and trustworthy and I liked the general feel and culture of Amicus. He has always kept me aware of any changes; whether that be with aspects of my own personal finances or with legislation/product changes/market changes as a whole. When you’re busy, you don’t necessarily know what is available and how it works.

Chris and I looked at my objectives and areas to be improved in detail and we were able to come up with a plan where products fitted around my situation, not the other way around. The on-going service and relationship is also very important to me as I can benefit from tweaking things as necessary when my situation evolves. The regular reviews and constant contact with Chris are reassuring and allow me to feel confident that everything is as it should be.

Chris really focussed on my objectives and making my finances fit in with these rather than product selling. The process approach was client first; every stage of the process was explained.

My experience has been very positive. I have a strong relationship with Chris built on trust and honesty and feel confident that the on-going service I’ve had has put me in a strong place to achieve my financial objectives.

Phil Hooper
Head of Real Estate Finance at Royal Bank of Scotland

“Polite, professional and approachable”

I have been a satisfied client of Richard and Amicus Wealth for several years. They have always been polite, professional and approachable and their advice has always been spot on. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Andrew Wegg
Credit Risk Manager at Allianz

“Strong asset to Amicus”

My strongest testimony to Matt is that I have recommended his services to my friends. He is a strong asset to Amicus. I have been dealing with Matt for a number of years. When I was first introduced to Matt he conducted a thorough fact find and made sure that I was fully aware of the choices. From this he was able to determine what type of Investor I was and his recommendations met my needs. Matt has been fantastic in consolidating my financial affairs and having providing me with one point of contact. Matt continues to keep in regular contact and is always willing to help – Matt keeps me well informed of the changes in the market and products and this shows through in our regular review meetings.

Christopher Lewis
Director at Borland Insurance

“Happy to recommend”

George has helped with my financial planning and always provided a professional informative service that I would be happy to recommend to any of my friends or colleagues.

Alex Blakeway
Digital Strategist, Investor and Job Creator at Oracle recruitment

“A financial strategy which met my requirements”

The whole experience has been very positive. Before I met Matt I was a little wary about seeking financial advice as it was very important that I ensured that I worked with a trusted and recommended firm. I was particularly interested in longer term financial planning and how to maximise my future pension.

Over the course of our meetings, Matt put my concerns to rest and proposed a financial strategy which met my requirements. Matt’s approach to financial advice is eager and flexible. Professionals & executives for whom financial planning isn’t their area of strength and those who need to ensure they are maximising their future financial position, would certainly benefit from Matts services.

Andy Horrigan
Global Client Executive at Cisco

“I feel both comfortable and in control”

I have no hesitation in recommending Chris’s services. In my view – regardless of your situation – it is always worth an initial conversation with Chris to see if he can assist you in meeting your investment and tax management objectives.

When I first met Chris I did not have a clear idea of what I was looking to achieve or indeed what was possible. I also needed to feel comfortable dealing with him and his company.

We had a number of informal meetings where we got to know each other, and I gained a clearer idea of what I was aiming to achieve and to understand how Chris could help me to achieve those objectives.

I am now in a place with my investment portfolio where I feel both comfortable and in control which I can honestly say was not the case before I met him.

Malcolm Wright

“Sure footed, professional and extremely responsive”

Once introduced to Mike Lewis I soon appreciated his depth of knowledge and professional approach especially as I began to consider commuting my ‘DB’ Final Salary Scheme.

I worked in Corporate Banking all my Career [in the City] so as I approached early retirement I was pretty confident that I had the necessary skills to handle the issues in front of me. However, it soon became apparent that there were a number of issues where I needed some professional guidance.

As I pondered the issues, Mike offered impartial and cogent advice. For example, I initially refused the first offer I was made by Pension Fund Trustee’s and far from trying to persuade me to accept it, Mike totally agreed with my rationale to refuse. Patience proved a virtue as we revisited the issue again approximately 6 months later when I was able to accept a significantly improved offer…. an offer that would be very hard to refuse. Mike and his Team at Amicus then completed all the Compliance /FCA work on my behalf to satisfy all Regulatory requirements in a very timely manner.

When suggesting solutions and products, he has done so with a holistic view of my financial position and risk tolerances, and within the confines of our ongoing narrative. I have been with Mike since around 2014 and I have always found him to be thoughtful, sure footed, professional and extremely responsive.

Martin Broadhurst

“Complete confidence in their judgement”

I have worked with Chris James since around the year 2000. Both he and Amicus have always given me excellent proactive advice. I have complete confidence in their judgement and have already recommended them to a number of colleagues.

Hugh Jones
Partner at Osborne Clarke
Principal Business Architect at Xchanging

“Retire with confidence”

The initial free consultation and then predefined fees gave me more confidence about the impartiality of advice and the options available were considerably more varied than those I had been aware of previously. This has resulted in my pension pot having been boosted by a considerable amount in recent years through options drawn to my attention by Will.

I particularly like the fact that I will be made aware of potential future changes in legislation or rules that could impact me. This combined with the regular review meetings that re-assess current state gives me the confidence that I can adjust my financial plans in plenty of time, if required.

It is surprising what can be achieved when you are seeking to boost your retirement pot and how important timing is when it comes to utilising annual contribution limits, income tax savings and protection against exceeding the lifetime allowance. At the age of 55 my wife and I were in a financial position to retire with confidence about the adequacy of our pension provision. The calculations were more complex than I had imagined and without Will’s advice I would have missed out on some significant benefits to boost my pot and been subject to an unexpected tax burden. I had previously been put off taking professional financial advice when an advisor had little more knowledge than I did and appeared to base advice on the level of commission he would receive from the different options. When I was introduced to Will Pennie at Amicus Wealth I found quite a different situation.

John Ticehurst
Principal Business Architect at Xchanging

“Well worth having a chat with Ryan”

If you have a sizeable investment portfolio or are just starting to look at how you could structure your pension/investment portfolio in a tax efficient way it’s well worth having a chat with Ryan.

Having had issues with previous IFA’s trying to charge overly high fees for a substandard offering I was very wary about getting involved with another IFA. However, I’m glad I did. Ryan identified and resolved where I was over protected and consequently paying too much for products, put in place a sensible framework for my finances and all for a lower fee than I was previously paying.

In addition he’s a genuinely good guy with a healthy interest in Rugby.

Alistair Hutchinson
Project Manager at Asset Disposals

“Amicus has its finger on the pulse”

We would recommend Amicus to seasoned and novice investors alike and to any budding entrepreneurs. Dave and his team at Amicus are a dynamic, forward looking company and I am confident that our investments and the advice we receive are on a very sound footing.

We particularly liked the thorough approach and risk analysis Amicus used to understanding our financial situation and advising on the possible strategies which could be used to maximise our funds growth over the long term.

Our main concern was funding retirement with an adequate income as we are both approaching 60. We had already received advice from another company which I was unhappy with and made us wary and possibly sceptical about the finance industry, which is not a bad thing when you are entrusting substantial funds to a third party.

We set up a SSAS some years ago but as an entrepreneur running an SME I realised that we did not have the time, nor expertise to make sure our retirement fund would perform consistently over the long term, so sought more ‘professional’ approach to investing.

I had heard good reports regarding Amicus and its MD Dave Fry from a trusted business contact. Amicus has now provided a long term solution to our pension and investing needs.

Dave always keeps in touch. We meet up once a year to take stock of the current situation and we regularly email and talk as required. Life, business and the financial world has a habit of changing at a rapid pace, but we feel confident that Amicus has its finger ‘on the pulse’ so that these changes can be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

Gary Young
Owner at CIS Street Furniture

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