Planning For Retirement In London

Planning For Retirement In London

Planning For Retirement In London

One of the most significant financial decisions you must make in life is planning for your future when you retire. With good preparation, you can enjoy an extraordinary new beginning after a long life in the world of work.

However, in the UK, many citizens are unaware of the retirement system, and which is the best way to secure their future. If you want to do planning for retirement, you should know your options or which is the best way to take.

How Does the Pension System Work in the UK?

The retirement system is based on three pillars of support, which cover very basic needs. The philosophy of this system is that it is the individual who is responsible for planning their retirement. The three main assistances are:

  1. Public basic pension or State Pension: this is a lump sum for workers who have contributed at least 44 years to the system. Thanks to the latest reform, Britons who can prove the minimum contribution period will be entitled to a pension of £155.65 per week (irrespective of the amount of their contributions).
  2. Additional Pension or Second State Pension: This second level, also known as S2P provides an additional amount based on income, also of a contributory nature.
  3. Pension Credit: This third pillar is also contributory. It is tax-free and benefits people with low basic incomes weekly. It is a kind of welfare pension that guarantees a minimum income to people with the greatest risk of exclusion.

Private Pension Plans

From 2012, UK companies have to subscribe their employees to a particular pension plan. To do this, the employee must be over 22 years of age, earn over £10,000 a year, and not have their pension fund plan. Although this measure has been widely accepted by both employees and employers (by 2018, at least 1.2 million companies had implemented the plans), it may not be the most convenient option for the worker.

If you want to secure your financial future by the time you retire, the wisest thing is for you to hire the services of an excellent financial advisory service, such as Amicus Wealth. The idea of the private retirement plan is that the funds you deposit are invested to generate additional income that you can enjoy later.

When you select the financial service, you make sure that the retirement system works in your best interests, not the interests of the company. This way, the financial experts will be able to study your particular case and advise you on the best decisions to make with your investment fund. If you wish to make extraordinary planning for retirement in London contact us; Amicus Wealth's excellent team of 20 financial advisors will be happy to assist you.

Trust the Experts

If you want to secure your financial future for your years of rest, you are in the right place. Since 2015 our three founders have put their more than 25 years of experience at the service of our satisfied clients. Let our group of specialists help you design a tailored solution so that you can do extraordinary planning for retirement in London. Contact us.

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Sam is a Paraplanner at Amicus Wealth. This means he assists in the researching, analysing and preparation of compliant financial reports for clients. Sam predominantly works for three of our associate directors, however, is happy to help anyone he can. Outside of the office, Sam is a keen football enthusiast with a passion for Derby County and a keen eye for cooking. He once cycled the width of Great Britain on a mountain bike and has also shaken Ian Brown’s hand from the Stone Roses.

Matt has been with Amicus since it began in 2014 and has played a key role in shaping Amicus into the company it is today. After graduating from the University of Bedfordshire he worked at the Financial Ombudsman Services and Barclays before joining Amicus. As well as undertaking branding and marketing projects, as Office Manager, Matt ensures the smooth running of the office. In his spare time, Matt enjoys cooking and updating his Instagram food page, LambVsFood. His claim to fame is to have played County rugby with England internationals, Jamie George and Owen Farrell.

Jack Shipley has been a Paraplanner at Amicus Wealth since he joined in 2016. He supports for all Senior Advisers and Associate directors with submission and preparation of clients financial documents and enjoys the interaction with advisers that comes with it, and in some cases meets with clients. He thrives in the relaxed and jovial culture in the office and fully enjoys the banter that comes with it. In his spare time he loves watching Arsenal football team and going to see DJs. Although Jacks ultimate aim is to become a financial adviser, he would also love to be a house music DJ himself.

James is Head of Finance & Project Delivery at Amicus Wealth. He enjoys the challenges that come with his role, seeing projects through to completion, implementing procedures & overseeing all the aspects of Finance at the business. When he isn’t at home with his wife and stepson, or at a music event which he endeavours to attend once a month, he is passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues, particularly in young men. He has run several events across the country in conjunction with The CALM charity to promote this.

Emily is the Head of Operations at Amicus Wealth and also paraplanner to Managing Director, David Fry. When she’s not at work she loves nothing more than to spend time with friends, whether it be cooking or making the most of what London has to offer. This is why her favourite thing about Amicus Wealth is the social culture. Emily has been with Amicus since the start and has helped the Amicus brand become what it is today.

“Financial planning can be at best complicated and at worst intimidating. By being approachable, clear and efficient, I aim to demystify so we arrive at the best solution.”

Annabel is a Financial and Mortgage Advisor with an Advanced Diploma. Her specialisms are Defined Benefit Transfers and Mortgages. Annabel is well renowned for her supportive and thorough approach. She is also a regular contributor to the Money section of The Independent, meaning many of us have benefited from her sound advice.

Annabel has a real passion for learning. She is currently working towards chartered status and believes that good old-fashioned knowledge is how she can truly offer her clients the very best service. This tenacity goes beyond her work and into her favourite hobby, cycling. She also loves baking and being outdoors with her family.

“Taking advantage of available reliefs and allowances are key to maximising any financial plan.”

Claudia is an Associate Director of Amicus Wealth. Her focus is based on building and maintaining long term, trusted relationships with her clients. She understands that each client needs individual solutions to their problems and feels that her pragmatic approach ensures her advice is easy for clients to understand, relevant to the times and in line with their specific goals and objectives. Out of the office, Claudia loves the outdoors, enjoys winter sports and has a keen interest in motor racing.

“I encourage all my clients to get into good habits early – protect and save early for a better financial future.”

George is an Associate Director at Amicus Wealth. An advocate of putting plans in place as early as possible, he is motivated by seeing clients take control of their finances, protecting and building for whatever their future holds. When not delivering great value and supporting clients, he is a keen sportsman, whether that is on the football field, golfing green or cricket pitch.

“Taking the right advice does not need to be rushed. When piecing together a larger plan the smaller decisions need to be the right ones. Detailed explanations and clear understanding underpin good ongoing advice.”

Ben is an Associate Director of Amicus Wealth, with an MA from the University of Edinburgh. His passion professionally lies in establishing great relationships with his clients. He feels that his honest and dependable advice provides clients with the ongoing support they need to make the best financial decisions. Out of the office, Ben tries to watch as much live music and football as possible. He prides himself on being one of the most patient Arsenal fans over the past few years.

“Financial planning can be complex, and everyone’s situation is different; never be afraid to ask for help.”

Ryan is an Associate Director at Amicus Wealth and has worked in Wealth Management since 2011. Bermudian-born, his passion for the business comes from knowing that every person who comes through the door to see him leaves better informed about their finances. He appreciates that reviewing and considering one’s own financial planning may not always be as high on the priority list as perhaps it should, but by working closely with his client’s he is able to relieve them of this pressure and provide them with peace of mind. Outside of the financial world, he loves being outdoors – cricket in the summer, rugby in the winter, with a claim to fame of a handful of caps for the powerhouse that is the Bermuda rugby 7s team.

“At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable with and to able to trust the adviser you choose to work with."

Rachel is an Associate Director with an AF3 Advanced Diploma. A ‘true Yorkshire lass’, she has broken through the enigma of the financial adviser industry being stuffy, backdated and dominated by men. She saw a great opportunity within Amicus Wealth to break this mould and work with like-minded ambitious individuals who want to apply their life skills to their career.

She graduated from Oxford University with a Masters in Chemistry. Although she loved working in science and admittedly is the geek of the company, she knew that a career working with the marriage of people and numbers best suited her.

The best advice she gives to her clients is; to keep it simple! She’s known for using language we all understand, uncomplicated by financial jargon and ultimately helping her clients draw the parallels between their financial planning, their lifestyle and their personal success and happiness. Her client relationships are based on trust and open and honest advice. Having grown up with a menagerie of animals, including her old pony Bounty, Rachel tries to spend as much time on the farm horse riding.

“With legislation hamstringing many clients, it’s important to take advice to find out what allowances are available to you and to make the most of them.”

Hailing from North Norfolk and a farming background, Richard isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty but was always heading towards the city for a career having studied economics at university. He started as a financial adviser in 2009 after travelling over ground from Kenya to Cape Town then to New Zealand and Australia, watching a lot of live sport along the way.

He enjoys meeting clients from different industries, backgrounds and circumstances, tailoring advice according to each situation and client. Having the opportunity to change his clients’ lives for the better, adapt to changing economic conditions and making the most of the frequent legislation changes. He enjoys building long term relationships with his clients based on solid, honest advice.

The most important piece of advice that he gives his clients is to be proactive and get cracking sooner rather than later; the first step is usually the hardest. Richard describes the Amicus culture as “an ambitious, progressive, professional and fun environment with everyone pulling together towards a common goal. We all greatly enjoy the team spirit in the office”. As well as being a keen woodworker he also enjoys skiing, social cricket, very social golf and hosting dinner parties.

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